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Feature Suggestion: Cancellation Percentage Badge on BUYERS

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As a newcomer (and seller) to Fiverr, it's very clear many sellers are struggling with cancellations after delivering what they promised, despite meeting buyer requirements.

Just a quick look through the forum revealed such things as:

  • Voice over buyers deciding after all the work is done that they want a male voice instead of female,
  • Articles being delivered and being cancelled for fluff excuses.
  • Lists of content ideas being created for buyers who then cancel after seeing the list.

That's just three examples I saw in the last hour.


So an easy way for FIVERR to:

  1. Stop sellers complaining
  2. Discourage buyers that use the cancellation loophole.
  3. Encourage sellers to stay on Fiverr
  4. Give sellers a way to judge if a buyer is trust-worthy before doing the work


Would be to also rate all buyers with a cancellation percentage.


That would save Fiverr from:

  1. Sellers going elsewhere, where their time and effort are appreciated and respected.
  2. Losing the profits and influx of new users sellers bring to Fiverr.
  3. The amount of time customer support tickets take for Fiverr's staff, thus reducing Fiverr running costs.
  4. Naturally reduce the amount of loophole-using buyers taking advantage of Fiverr's fear of losing the profits from the buyers on the site. This would improve Fiverr's reputation and may encourage more freelancers to join.


Thank you for considering this suggestion.

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