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Controlling which image appears as the cover image for a gig in search and profile (and ideal image dimensions)



I'm new here and have uploaded my first gig.  I created a cover image with a bold title to make it clear what I'm offering and added that as the first image I uploaded.  However, now I'm seeing that when my gig appears in my profile and in search, Fiverr is placing the second image as my cover image.  How do I make sure that my title image is showing first?   Within the creation/editing of the gig I marked my main image as primary, yet it is not making it primary.

Also the dimensions that Fiverr gives for the images in the gig are not the same as what appears in search.  What are the dimensions of the images that appear in search?


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The only way I know of to make *sure* the primary image is indeed primary, or to guarantee any specific order, is upload them in the order you want them in, one at a time, and sometimes saving in between the uploads. 

As for how they'll appear as thumbnails, you can get a good idea of how they'll appear by checking them from your profile. HOWEVER, they'll appear differently depending on monitor resolution as well as differently on mobile. It's best to leave a decent margin to account for those variances.

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