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Buyer asking for additional work that wasn't part of the gig

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Hi All, I am new to fiverr (yes i have read the terms of service) So i got my first gig, they bargained me down on the price (yes i know i shouldn’t have let them but I wanted to get a decent review) the gig was to advertise 3 jobs, recieve CV’s for the candidates, screen them, add the best candidates onto a spreadsheet and then delivery the spreadsheet and CV’s. Once i sent over the information they then come back to me and say they can’t see 3 of the CV’s, so obviously i re-sent them, then i hear nothing, and then they come back to me and ask me to do an analysis of why their HR manager prefers 3 candidates over the other 9, this wasn’t part of the deal, I don’t work for their company, or know their HR manager, I’ve never spoken to them directly, and they are basically asking me to analyse someone else’s thinking, I’ve stated it wasn’t part of the deal, and suggested as I don’t know the HR manager or the company it would be practically impossible for me to know why he prefers the other candidates when they all have above the minimum certification and experience they requested. the description given about the job was extremley basic, as in not even a salary, I feel like they are just going to continue to ask me to do more things if i do any type of analysis, but I also know that now i have delivered the work and they have got it, they could easily cancel the order. So what do I do? I’ve already done 5 days work on this (for$25) and I really don’t want a negative review or cancelled order?

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