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We would need a little more info about your transaction…but there are several things you can do if you are not satisfied with the final product.

If the seller did not deliver as promised, the seller offers revisions, or part of the delivered product is missing, then hit the modification button. Maybe it is something that can be hashed out between the two of you. Always try communicating with the seller first. If the seller did not deliver at all, not only should you ask for a modification, but you should report them. Even if it’s just $5!

If the seller delivered as promised but you just don’t like it or it is not your taste/style, Fiverr does not entertain refunds. The thought is that sellers should be paid for the time they spent working unless the work is blatantly shoddy or misrepresents the gig. Sometimes buyers try to get free work by claiming they just don’t like it and then try to use the final product only to be cited for copyright infringement.

If you initiate a refund/chargeback from Paypal, your Fiverr account will be suspended immediately. Avoid this option at all costs!

If none of the above work, contact Customer Support. 🙂

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