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Fiverr Neglecting The Sellers

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Anyone else feel that Fiverr prioritizes the Buyers so much so that they end up neglecting the Sellers?

I have one of the most popular gigs in my field with over 60 reviews that are all 5 stars.
I recently had a Fiverr competitor place an order and give me a 1 star after confirming the order was good to go.
This has removed my gig from the top 10 or more pages of the search menu.

How is it that one Buyer can singlehandedly destroy my business and Fiverr’s “search algorithm” allows whilst ignoring my 60+ other 5 star reviews??

Also, how is there no mutual cancellation of orders where you don’t get penalized because of a Buyer’s order mistake?

Despite multiple warnings in my description, Buyers still place orders that are not the correct package, not the correct type of work, or sometimes way beyond what the package size offers.
This results in having to cancel the order, to which the Buyer agrees, yet I get penalized for it and a rating drop because of the Buyer’s carelessness.

Fiverr needs to address these issues and needs to prioritize us as Sellers like they do for their Buyers.

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When clients order by mistake you can contact CS to cancel without penalizing the seller’s account :point_down:t2:

Can I avoid a cancellation affecting my Order Completion Rate?

All cancellations, including those handled by Customer Support, can affect your Order Completion Rate. On rare occasions (such as fraudulent purchases, buyers ordering by mistake, or the seller not having enough information to start working on an order) a cancellation can be handled and will not affect a seller’s Order Completion Rate. If your order is canceled under such circumstances, you may reach out to Customer Support to investigate the effect of such a cancellation on your account and Order Completion Rate.

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