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What should be the best practices to design the Cover Image for a Gig?


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Hello Sailors,

I hope everyone is doing good. Recently I have published a gig on Fiverr, I have researched the gig’s details properly like the title, description, packages & FAQ. The gig (Take a Look) rotates around the page from 3-6.

The problem is I am getting a good amount of Impressions daily say 50 on average but the clicks are not satisfactory. What can I do to increase the clicks and what should be the best practices to design an eye-catchy gig cover image? My present one is quite professional but one of the Fiverr users told me that the image looks mostly a stock photo that’s maybe a problem to get attention from the buyer. (See the photo below)

I am seeking expert advice in terms of designing cover images for a gig on Fiverr. How can I change the perspective of my gig’s cover image?


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