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Allow Tips After Each Milestone

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We could use a way to tip our freelancer for these larger projects after each milestone. Because we are not able to tip after each milestone, we are not be able to “mend” relationships and create a happier employee to encourage better work for the next milestones. It makes sense to tip before the last milestone to encourage better work than to tip at the very end, especially when hiring a freelancer that accidentally underestimated how much work was required to complete the task. To get my current freelancer to accomplish application revisions I needed to tell them I will pay them more for the project. If say the programmer has put in a lot of time and effort submitting revisions for the first milestone and say it is taking a lot of effort to complete those revisions, if the programmer is losing patience, it would be good for the purchaser to tip them to show their extra work isn’t for nothing, this way it will encourage better work on the remaining milestones.

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