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Question about watermark on image delivery previews

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I am aware that a watermark will appear on image delivery previews prior to the buyer accepting and completing the order.
Now my situation and question is this:
I have a photo gig. After delivering the buyer asks “Do you have any more photos that you took, can I have a look and select from them?”.
I want to know if I send him new photos and he accepts and complete the order, will the watermark disappear from all of the old and new photos I sent, or just the new ones?
I am asking because this buyer constantly does this and I suspect is just to take advantage and keep more photos than what he payed for.

Thank you in advance!

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That’s sending up a big red flag for me.

Could you send scaled-down preview images through the order chat? Let the buyer pick from the previews, and then deliver the final choices as the final delivery?

I see a lot of advice that encourages the freelance tropes - the idea that we’re all workaholic night owls, perpetually hunched over keyboards, waiting at the beck and call of potential clients. Never log out… Always be agreeable to clients… Give free samples or mock ups… Answer right away… If you needed an experienced professional to give you permission, in plain words, here it is: it’s okay to be a human being. Never give out free work. No samples. No mockups. Period. That’s what your po…
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