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Questions from a new seller


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Hello everyone!
I am very new here so I still haven’t completely understood how this platform works so I have some questions.

I just started working as a writer on Fiverr, and I’ve done a lot of research at other freelancers’ gigs. It’s odd to me that some of them have a large number of orders despite not having a decent gig description.
A lot of people have a poor gig overview with several syntax errors, and I’ve seen some of them use photos that are completely unrelated to their gig (someone had images of a forest in his gig)
So this made me think, what, after all, is critical in attracting a buyer?
Why do so many clients choose to make purchases from freelancers who have inaccurate gig descriptions and irrelevant images?
And is it worth it to waste a significant amount of time writing a decent overview and searching or creating suitable images?

I’m trying to figure out a few things as a new member.

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Along with what @teachernita said, some sellers actually buy reviews/manipulate buyers to leave positive feedback. It’s technically not allowed, but some people still do it.
Edit: Also, yes it is worth the extra time to make a good gig description. Those scam sellers attract scam buyers, which is definitely not what you want. You can do virtually anything to attract a buyer (scammers, difficult-to-deal-with buyers, or buyers who lack communication), but if you want to be truly successful, you want to attract the right buyers through good gigs and high-quality service.

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People who get into the Level 1, 2 or Top sellers, are proper sellers who are providing an excellent service.

To get top buyers (who will pay and are reliable), give an excellent service. It is hard work but within time you well see. Also open as many gigs as you can, giving different services (but in the same line). Try and give a unique experience.

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