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What steps to be taken when buyers harass the seller?


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Last day I accept a customized offer in just 30$. The buyer told me a simple animation to make first so I accept the offer. After I accepted the order the buyer told me to increase scenes and animation inside the project one by one which in the end make it a huge project which should cost more then 100$. He requested me to do it and he will give me other orders in future and there he will pay more. So, I did it as I am a new seller here and I don’t want a bad review in my profile. In the end he wanted me to give the video in his massage box with the order page and he will give me 5 star rating and review. I didn’t do that. Then he left without giving any review or rating. Now my question is, does fiverr have any law against this type of fraud buyers? What should I do now? I want to take some action against him. How can I complain?

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