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It's like fiverr has forgotten that I'm still alive


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Hi guys, I trust you’re having a good time, I’ve been running my fiverr account for about 8 months now and until now, things had never been this bad for my account.

So the gist is this, ever since I was poorly rated for the first time on fiverr, it’s like fiverr just moved my account to the bin, I don’t get any new views, it’s like everything that was working for me before just stopped working, no new customer, and I barely get jobs again except one or two returning customers

Unfortunately, this is happening after I decided to quit my day job and go on fiverr freelancing fulltime that I’m facing this challenge.

Anyone has any advice that might help me manoeuvre this trying times please?

Any advice on what to improve in my gigs, anything.

My fiverr username is “ThePeakDesigns”, please check my gigs or anything else you might want to check and advice me

I barely make a decent amount on fiverr already and now I’m not even getting anything. It’s sad really

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