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Gig disaprearance


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Hi there I’m new to Fiverr forum.
I have an issue since last month. I was getting lots of order and sales, I would say I completed more than 100 sales within a month, My gig was suddenly disappeared from page 1. I contact customer support so many time but im not getting reply that what I specifically asked for. Even I can’t find my gig any where in search.
I need help…

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Your gig is experiencing the effects of gig rotation…
You may find this thread helpful…

This is a long topic and thread. There are a lot of things you could disagree for. If you notice something which is not correct, tag me and tell me what needs to be corrected. I recently noticed this “bug”: Top sellers from the first page get thrown to the last page and then forgotten forever. If you came here to learn why and how I fixed it, you’ve come to the right place. However, this may take a lot of effort from your side, so, get ready! rocket Before I show you the steps to fix your …
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