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Everytime I try to submit my requirements to the seller the message screen just goes blank with no trace of the sent item. The action of submitting required info stays as outstanding. I have had a speech bubble from the seller asking I provide info but have no way of communicating with him. I have tried with and without attachments, I have removed all characters which are not numbers or letters and yet the message will not send. I can’t find a way of speaking to cusomer support, all in all so far bing new to this site has been a complete waste of my time!

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Guest celticmoon

Sorry to hear about your difficulties.

If I understand you correctly, your aren’t able to use the message function to write to a seller? Are you trying to send files (text or graphic), or just write a message?

I’m not a technical person, but what you describe (“message screen goes blank”) definitely sounds like something is wrong. If it were me, the first thing I’d do is run a virus scan, just to be sure my computer wasn’t infected (if you’re using one). If you still can’t use the Fiverr email, then you should contact Customer Support. There are links on the bottom of every page on the site. If you can capture a screen shot of the message screen before you try sending the info to the seller, then afterward when it just goes blank, that might help the tech support people. They’ll also want to know what operating system and web browser you’re using, or whatever platform or device you’re using.

When you contact CS (called sending/filing a ticket), it involves filling in some forms & explaining your problem. You will then get an email at the address you used when you signed up on Fiverr. You must open that email & click the verification link it contains. If you don’t confirm that you filed a ticket, your problem won’t be addressed. You may not get a response from CS right away; it depends on how many tickets they’re dealing with at any given moment.

Good luck~

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