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How to get a Order?


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What garbage.

No one can be online 24hours a day without dying, or using a bot to “keep-alive” which sooner or later Fiverr’s bots will see and ban. Also, if you were as smart as you pretend, you would know that good customers don’t care if you are asleep right now. They want you to sleep so you can do a great job for them when you are awake. The only buyer who wants you awake right now is a slave driver. Be a slave (or banned) if you like, but don’t drag others into it.

BR is a thing but most who use them DO NOT report a) good clients who pay well or b) an increase in gig activity after stooping to BR and getting a few 5-Star reviews. Sure, do the BR thing if nothing else is happening but this is not a way forward.

Sharing Gigs to your (soon to be ex) Friends on Social Media is pointless. If they wanted to buy from you they already would. Sure, do it once but that is it. Dumping your Gig in Groups and the like is a great way to get hated on Socials as well as banned on Fiverr.

If you must give advice, please be sure that your advice is not already proven wrong repeatedly - as all these thing have been. Saying such stupid things only makes your expertness in whatever you do look very suspect indeed.


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