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Is the Fiverr's algorithm bugged?


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Hello 🙂 I would like to share my thoughts on the multitude of posts complaining about a shortage of orders, especially since last November. I would like to introduce myself: I am an expert business planner who has been working through this platform for several years now, concluding about 390 business plans (200 reviews) with a very high rating.

I have never suffered from poor visibility, as I have always offered excellent services with customer satisfaction first. Then came November and the “Gig Promotion” feature. In my humble opinion, this feature literally destroyed Fiverr’s algorithm: I successfully used this feature for 7-8 days, continuing to receive orders and paying around $ 50 in promotional commissions. After 7-8 days, I decided to suspend the “Gig Promotion” function since I had many orders. When I tried to reactivate it after 10 days, but without success, although I set triple the recommended amount as a bid, I have not received an impression, click or order thanks to this function.

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Obviously, I have read thousands of posts where it is recommended how to improve your gigs. However, they are basic operations that I have always done, such as sharing your services on social networks, optimizing images/videos / SEO contents of the gig, staying online, and similar operations. These operations did not bring my gig back to the category’s front pages (until mid-November, I was consistently on the first three pages).
In my opinion, there can be two causes of the shortage of orders that is affecting above all level 1 and level 2 sellers (like me):
  • “GIG Promotion” has bugged the entire system of gigs involved;
  • The algorithm is rewarding new sellers too much at the expense of experienced ones, since currently (despite having 200 positive reviews), I have 0 orders in the queue. In comparison, 0/1 level users with 28 reviews have 14 orders in queue. If this were confirmed, this situation would be truly detrimental to longtime sellers.

Have you encountered similar observations? Do you have handy tips on this? This situation is destroying our careers on this fantastic platform.

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