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Click/impression & gig performance analytics


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I’m about to delete my current account to create a new one and change my username!

But while I’m waiting for Fiverr support to answer some of my concern I thought I would get your opinions on my gig performance.
I created a gig on 1st of December it has 40 impression 12 clicks 0 orders and 0 messages I just have 1 gig
I know my thumbnail was bad, initially I worked with 1080* 1080 as dimensions I know Fiverr keep telling you it’s 550*370 Idk how I didn’t get it :D, anyway so my pictures aren’t optimized they would just look good in full view.

I know my username may be is confusing and this is why I want to change it.

I also think the gig was too general, offering 2 different things in the same gig, which make the average delivery takes too long, which is bad in most cases, but if you click you do read what I wrote right?

But I’ve no idea what else could make these 12 clicks into 0 messages! if you’re not ordering no questions or anything.

Thanks if you take time to read all of this, would appreciate it if you consult me with some ideas for more improvement!

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