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  1. I'm not enitrly sure you understand what I write but wish you the very best
  2. they confirmed, it doesn't violate anything and it was a mistake, no worries for the other guy!
  3. Obviously you didn't get the point, so let me tell you why you're 100% wrong and why this mentality isn't okay! First thing first if I've violated any of their rules, especially the one they accused me doing, taking payment outside of the platform I wouldn't be here posting about this, they are the one reactivated my account and you can see in the screenshot when I asked for apology they give me one (An apology is an expression of regret or remorse for actions) so they understood they were wrong, its strange their support team did but you didn't. Second your example doesn't make any sense and there is no relevant to my case and your example but just FYI all brands copy each other so in case someone in dominos asked for pizzahut type of pizza they will get very similar one to the pizzahut from dominos but I've no idea what does this has to do with me Anyway, I'm working in marketing so in many cases I'd be asked to increase clients revenue, for this particular one, he was also a freelancer, and he was earning the most out of Fiverr and was working in artstation and needed to expand more so we talked about Upwork, telling me don't have this kind of conversations here means to have it out side of Fiverr when there is no need for that, sometimes you need to have calls with the clients but this one didn't need that. It's okay to admit they made a mistake and I will continue having honest conversations with the clients depending on their needs not based on the algorithm needs, they should improve, and have a team to humanly check when such mistakes happens not the other way around
  4. yeah I'm aware of this since every time I tell a customer you will pay for the ads from your credit card the message get flagged sometimes even they don't send it, but if they permanently ban you, at least they may put the 3 min effort to make sure their smart AI wasn't wrong!
  5. so what if there is a need? you're doing music so you may don't need but what if you talked on YT and you got banned bc of it, it doesn't make sense, no need to continue this argument
  6. so you will talk with your customers outside of Fiverr?!
  7. Yeah this is so stupid tbh, you won't get support unless you're paying them money. the level of the cooperation of the support team is unbelievable I've mentioned the reason I may have got the ban for and they refused to put 3 min read for the conversation, this is why so many sellers get scammed and never get helped out, I've read so many stories about sellers get treated like shit but never thought I would be one
  8. so if you're doing ads and someone comes to you to promote their website you won't do it? :d It doesn't violate TOS I've never read terms of conditions before not even upworks but I read Fiverr and I knew I did nothing wrong, and you're saying you're just using Fiverr can you imagine getting banned for a thing you didn't do, and get 0 help from them! this is ridiculous, what if I wasn't a Fiverr plus seller, I wasn't on Fiverr in the last 2 months and I was thinking maybe I should cancel Fiverr plus subscription, if I've done this I wouldn't be writing this today
  9. I wasn't that active on Fiverr or the forum for the last couple of months, and I got unbanned on 15th of July but I didn't have the energy to share this and I'm not even sure if I will continue being part of this community or not, but I feel other freelancers have the right to know this
  10. I got permanently banned from using Fiverr platform then they figured oppsie it was a mistake [my problem is they didn't actually figure out this and they even didn't want to help at all!] I'm attaching their mail, then SUPPORT TEAM support!, the conversation, and my success my manager mail down in the longer version! SHORT STORY Got a mail to inform me I'm banned from Fiverr permanently for trying to get payment outside of Fiverr! Which a thing I've never did or even having anything to make them suspect this, I sent really frustrated messages to the support team (but truly they will never support you) Ironically I'm on Fiverr plus program ,my manager sent me there is an event and they want to see me there (the no reply type of messages) but I'm banned so what? I replied and told him I'm banned, same day they unbanned me and he told me I should have informed him earlier! what if I'm not Fiverr plus seller?!) so you won't get help from Fiverr support team, is this normalization for their amazing helpful support? LONGER VERSION I was talking with a customer who is also a seller and we were talking about how he can expand and increase his work (bc I'm a marketer!) and I brought up "UPWORK" 2 weeks later I got banned, at first I didn't think of it but later I tell them I had a conversation with someone about upwork, is this the problem? and they tell me they can't answer this! so I explain more for the SUPPORT TEAM this wasn't an offer to work together there, and they can read my messages, and they don't feel like reading it, so I'm banned and this is it, if I wasn't in Fiverr plus I wouldn't be in the platform anymore for an action I didn't commit! THERE IS NO NEED TO CONTACT US! I was frustrated don't judge me English grammar or the words picked :d THE LOVELY SUPPORT TEAM DECIDED TO IGNORE ME INSTEAD OF HELPING <3 NORMAL conversation which doesn't violate Fiverr Terms of conditions, but they decided to ban me and not to check it out even after I've mention it success manager save the whole thing! but what if I was one of most seller which aren't in this program? is it okay just to be banned completely for a thing you even didn't do? the support team should have gone and read the messages! but they felt like lets ban him just in case VERY SUPPORTIVE tbh
  11. yeah I know this. I’ve gotten permission from him, but delivered without uploading the image so he told me he can request a modification and I resubmit(normally I deliver all the work and be in good terms with the client before press deliver) but I didn’t know if it will have a bad effect in my gig from the algorithm point of view or not?
  12. I don’t know if this is a revision or not, but I’ve finished and delivered the work, then the buyer told me if you want to put your work in the portfolio I can ask for modification! There is no revisions in that gig, but I preferred not to do it because maybe the algorithm will see it as uncompleted work, but wanted to make sure, thanks for your answer though
  13. Hey, really quick if anyone around does modification after the delivery affect the gig in front of fiverr algorithm?
  14. fiverr should introduce more reaction than hearts for the comment (laughing face)
  15. I don’t think so, I wanted to implement some changes in my gigs, have been working on it for the last past week. hopefully will make them by the end of this week (I think it will make a difference in my current status, I’m afraid if I attend right now I won’t be able to talk about it, since it’s not allowed, this is why I’ve booked my first meeting on 30th of April, so I can talk about what I’ve been doing in the last 10 days if it was effective, but I’m exited to be there, if this doesn’t work there are experts to guide me to the right direction)
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