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Unjustified Order Cancelation huh


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2 Days ago I got an order from a guy. He kept asking for products way more than he paid for. I however did exactly what he wanted. I was completely courteous. I made the first delivery. He asked for revisions, he stated that the file contained some virus that goes by the name “Trojan”, he thought that I put that virus in the RAR file myself to hack his pc. Why would I even do that. I assured him that it wasn’t me, I checked my pc too it didn’t have any virus. No way it could have come from my side. However, he didn’t believe me. I delivered again. This time he didn’t find any virus. He approved the delivery and in the review he did mention that I sent him a virus and left a bad rating. But this isn’t it, later next day, I found out that customer support has canceled the order (without contacting me). Now becuase of his misunderstanding I was left with lesser order completion, a bad rating and an even worse review. His funds were refunded and he got the product also (for free now!)
What should I do? I can make the completion better. As the order has been canceled, so the review (saying that I intentionally send viruses) and the rating should be removed also.

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