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How to increase Sales by going the extra mile


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For all you sellers out there wondering how to gain more sales this Discussion maybe of

good use to you. I have been a seller on Fiverr.com now for over a year and have learned a great deal when it comes to gaining more customers on here. it’s a odd misconception that when you put up your gig your guaranteed orders, well this is not true. the more you put into your gig the better chances are of a customer

buying from you.

*Presentation is a big thing making sure your images are of high quality

*Videos are good enough quality that your customers can see what they are buying and it is of a good standard

*Over Deliver your gig they will come back for more

*Communication is a big thing also, great customer service is a must.

For Example if your making video testimonials like my self if they are for 1 minute Long sometimes I might run them

over to 1 minute and a half or if your really feeling generous 2 minutes.

Some people on Fiverr.com offer buy 1 gig get another gig free this can really help with sales also.

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