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Fiverr buyer fee


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am totally disappointed and confused me as a buyer on fiverr. yesterday I wanted to buy a gig for $10 and I deposited money on my bank account equivalent to $13.5. when i tried to placed order, i received message insufficient funds 1 dollar is reduced from my account. I thought that i was error that i entered wrong details, i repeated to place order again and more money was deducted with insufficient balance message from bank.
I asked the seller to send me offer for $5, he did and to placed order, i received error insufficient balance until all money is over from my bank without any successful order placed,
I told my friend to send me $10 to my pay pal account and i used pay pal to place order for $5 and finally i saw $7.25 on checkout. Can someone here know the new processing fee. for $5 order, processing fee was $2 but now I see $2.25

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