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New on fivver give me suggestions


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i am new seller on fivver as a graphic designer give me some suggestions


i am new seller on fivver as a graphic designer

Welcome to Fiverr. 🙂

graphic designer

Good luck! 🍀 Because there are only 200,000 other gigs in your niche.

give me some suggestions

First of all, I hope you speak to your clients and prospective buyers less demandingly. That is my first suggestion. 😉

Second suggestion. Since before you joined Fiverr, there were about 200,000 other gigs for graphic design, you will need to do something to make your gigs stand out. The images will have to be 👀 catching, and the text that describes your gigs and is on your profile should be free of errors.

This information was gathered by a fellow Forum Member. Note that the two niches you are offering services in are highly competitive.

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