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Gig Dilema


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Hi Fellow Sellers!

I have been watching the forum for a while and this is my first post. To make a long story short I offer writing services on fiverr.

My Gig Dilema has nothing to do with the success of the gig, it is great. But the problem with this gig is not anyone is eligible to order it. Case and point I ask all buyers to message when buying it before buying because it involves an open source website, which hates paid editors with a passion - but will tolerate them so long as you meet the million and one inclusion criteria. Everyone wants to be included - Half dont message, and of those who don’t message before buying - half dont meet the inclusion criteria. Thus despite 15 orders in 5 days - many with extras attached. I have had to mutually cancel three of them.

I am considering pulling the gig. Thoughts? (To be fair I am compensating those who cancel with a free product of their choosing - IE a press release or something which may be useful to their marketing)


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