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Should I change the my gig category?


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I am still ranking the first page for my keywords, although in the 5th or 6th rows, 1st row for best sellers.

But this week has been slow to me, no new gigs at all. The first time this year this happens actually.

I just noticed that there is a new category that fits my gig a lot better, with not that many people in it yet.

Should I go ahead and change my category?
Would it hurt my placement in the ranking?
Maybe it would be better to create a new gig?

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but we also hear that when we get into a slum, reworking the SEO may be a good way to get some more views again.

I, personally, edit my gigs when required because I don’t trust any of the speculations out there. I believe the Fiverr algorithm works beyond those speculations.

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