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Problem Buyer Request Revision without informations


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Is really annoying the client Request Revision just to keep the order for more than 1 or 2 weeks.

In this cases i wait for like one week and ask for the informations for make the revisions, if the client don’t respond after 3 days, i delivery again and explain that when he open a revision he need provide the informations for me.

After like 2 weeks of wait, the order closed automatically, and the client make a revision talking about “my communication”… but wait i was waiting for days to have the informations to help the cliente 😕

In the end even if i make a good work, i’ll not be reviewed with a good review, because of a client that expected that i’ll waiting one month to have informations.

Of course i reviewed the buyer with this point, that my communication depends of the informations provided by him and that he can send messages anytime.

Well what can be done, work with some clients is really complicated. I just wanna share this with everyone because i know that you face the same problem some times.

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