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Unfair policies


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The Buyers are scamming us and the fiverr support are giving the sellers an unfair answer to us . This is not good for sellers .As the seller are allowed to change the gig anytime i did the same thing And a buyer came 2 months after his order completed and wanted more twitter followers because the gig was changed .

I also attached a file as a proof but still fiverr said to ask the buyer to allow you about the removal of the review . But the buyer is a scammer and asked me that never ask him to change the review .

My service was to add 4000 twitter followers 2 months ago . Now he came after 2 months and said that the order was not completed .

Check the file too

The picture is of my sheet of orders from fiverr

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Guest cornballmktg

sounds like a raw deal with a tough buyer, i’d refund him his money and move on, not worth the headache

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@cornballmktg .

The buyer did not wanted a refund . Also he said you (ME ) scamming . I am working on fiverr for a long time i would also have done the same thing if he wanted a refund .


The support is not giving any fair answer to me . I changed my gig to 6k followers but the buyer bought my gig when it was 4k . He came after 1 month questioning for his order he asked me why havent i completed my order he asked me to give 6k followers 😦

which was a loss for me and then he simply posted a negative review .

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@markee13 Sometimes it’s worth it to just side with the Buyer, even though they might be completely incorrect or trying to scam you. Be polite, and ask what you can do to make them happy. Usually they will name something… which is usually squeezing free work from you. If you can satisfy the Buyer by giving them what they want, it’s usually worth removal of negative feedback. It’s frustrating, I know

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brunettegrenade said: should have proof in your delivered orders of the title listed as 4,000 on his specific order


It depends when he ordered it. If he ordered it a few months back then the description in the gig would have updated the second he updated his gig description. If it was ordered in the past couple of months then the title does not update through the gig page.



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I agree with the poster. There should be time limits on two things

  1. A time limit for Feedback Reviews. As it is now, a buyer can give you a positive review and months later change it just because you did not do what he wanted at a later date. Also a buyer who does not provide any review within a reasonable time, should not be able to weeks or months later decide he will give a review if you do not do something he wants at a later date.

  2. A time limit on Modifications. As it is now, a buyer can request a modification on a gig weeks or months later. I had clients who I did a gig for months ago come back later and ask for modifications. If I did not make the modifications, see #1 above.

    If you buy a shirt at a local store, will they let you return it 3, 4, 5, etc, months later?

    Fiverr rules/policies definitely favor the buyer and I just don’t get why Fiverr doesn’t protect sellers as much as they do buyers. A little reasonableness and fairness, is that asking too much?

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Guess what ? I had a proof which i showed to fiverr support too , I note down all my orders in google spreadsheet i showed them That proof.I guess i still have that file with me . The file show that all orders were of 4000 followers .


The buyer ordered a month ago .


unfortunately , They are not even replying me back .

They said you should keep asking the buyer to remove the review .Also they are saying they are not able to change the review without buyer’s consent ?

Now tell me what should i do to remove the review . At first i was polite with the buyer then he threatened me that he will file a complain against me . I told him that i have a proof to show but still fiverr support didn’t do anything .


Totally agree with you but still fiverr support is getting too hard with the sellers i dont know why but they are giving too much support to the buyers .

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