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Hey everyone. I’ve had some great experiences and some bad ones too last month of me selling on Fiverr and would like to ask if that behavior is normal or not. So my gig offers to make forums. I’ve had some great experiences with a few customers but I started to notice some stuff. One time I declined an offer because it wasn’t really what my gig offers and the user blocked me after saying that I decline.
Another time a person wanted a preview of how his site would look like. I made a preview and showed him and he said he liked it so he’s gonna buy the gig. But then he just started ignoring me and not responding to any of my messages.
Today I had an offer to make a forum for 80$ and make 100 fake members. After we were discussing he suddenly said that I should also make threads with almost all those fake members. That’s a lot of work and I asked for more for it. Then he says that I’m untrustable because I changed my price bla bla bla. Eventually, he started mocking me that I “lost” a customer. Didn’t really bother and then he blocked me. Am I doing anything wrong? If so please tell me. Or is this behavior on Fiverr common?

Thanks for reading. Good luck on your success!

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No your not doing anything wrong and yes this is common with gigs which are more on the expensive side. Not overpriced but expensive. People always try and save a quick buck.

Strange though. My prices aren’t that high, the PREMIUM package is 50€ and the BASIC one is 30€. Do you really think it’s a bit expensive?

And thanks a lot for your reply 🙂

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