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Not getting new orders in June?


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Hello Fiverr fam,
Great to see you all!
Taking this time to thank every one who helped me directly or indirectly to reach Level 1 seller. It’s a great feeling to reach one milestone. However, I am not getting orders after reaching level 1.
I don’t know more about current market, everyone have the same problem or not?

Can anyone tell me about this situation? Are you facing the same issue ?
Is there any solution?


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Check this out:

This is a long topic and thread. There are a lot of things you could disagree for. If you notice something which is not correct, tag me and tell me what needs to be corrected. I recently noticed this “bug”: Top sellers from the first page get thrown to the last page and then forgotten forever. If you came here to learn why and how I fixed it, you’ve come to the right place. However, this may take a lot of effort from your side, so, get ready! rocket Before I show you the steps to fix your …
Hey everyone! As promised I will try to create a post, in an effort to shed some light over the issues that most of us seem to be facing ever since we got hit with the wonderful twofer of Covid-19 AND the analytics system breaking down. I will share what little insights I have over how SERP may or may not work, but I will avoid diving into too much detail as I have in no way figured things out. (Nor is that my intent) OK so to kick things off, let me just state the obvious: Everything I shar…
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