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  1. no problem brother,it's normal
  2. it's not important for ask tips. If buyer is fully happy with your work he/she will give you tips from their own
  3. I can see the Set Availability Option today. But why? This option was not.! how does it works can anyone tell me…Screenshot_1|403x88
  4. Can anyone tell me what’s the problem happening with the Fiverr?
  5. Look, 99% of my clients (and I do have a lot of clients) are from the US and Europe. And guess what? I sleep at night an I don’t stress about waking up at night to respond messages or being online all the time. If you have to do that then your service is based on wrong principles and wouldn’t be sustainable for a long time. Oh, I see. Which country do you live in?
  6. You still go on about this? I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed, but the user you’ve responded to has been on Fiverr since May 2019, and has zero sales. They claim to be active 24/7, and yet… No sales. Does that tell you something? Because that takes a lot more effort than faking to be online 24/7? Great point man…Thanks a lot
  7. yes i am using it but if i don’t refresh my mobile app in every 5 minutes then it shows me offline
  8. how can i stay online most of the time?
  9. Research other sellers gig the service you provides .What they provides in their gigs ,tag,title ,description ,gig image all the things.Then try to make a unique title ,description.package ,gig image that attract buyers to your gig
  10. is it safe for fiverr account because they strictly told that not to use any third party software or extensions
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