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Please help me get my first order


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I created this account in May 2019 to buy something. Now I am on here as someone new with a gig to offer you. After exploring Fiverr more and learning more about it, I have changed a lot to my gig. Offered low prices in buyer’s requests and even decreased the price of my services by 50 percent. I checked out what gave people low ratings and how they got TOS warnings. Yet, I still haven’t gotten any orders. If you have absolutely any text, article or short stories you want to make better at a low cost; Please, check out my gig at fiverr.com/xanadulol/professionally-edit-and-proofread-any-text-to-your-desired-style

If you are unsatisfied, you can ask for up to 2 revisions or even cancel the order and leave a low rating. I promise only the best quality of work will be sent back to you. Thank you.

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