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Stealing my Project


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What do I do:

Asked a developer to help develop my project.

Rather than honor my original price, and getting project completed without bugs.:

All it was was PayPal integration, I could not send PayPal payments.

When I asked him to address this, he said you needs to pay the original amount and then I’ll fix the bugs.

So he never made a site that worked.

I felt blackmailed, and decided not to lose more money.

But to my horror , not only did he feign bugs or not have a PayPal working so I could do business, he then put my idea, which he is bound by Fiverrs terms and conditions of confidentiality, he decides to sell it as one of his projects he’s made.

This is not only theft , but now refuses to take down my project , which is confidential.

Can anyone please email me on what to do to do:

Or better still can Fiverr address this serious theft of my copyright work please.



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