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Tips to new sellers


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Hello new fiverrs, I am sharing some interesting views. I got one order few days back. I estimated to finish the work in 10 days including revisions. I have completed my work in 7 days. I was too tired and thought to submit next morning with fresh mind. That night AMPHAN attacks and everything ransacked , power and cable net. After 6 days, when I got back them, submit date is overdue 3 days. I got chance to contact my buyer with a feeble net connection and submitted the work in late date. My buyer has listened my situation and accepted the work. Thanks to him. Learned something that never ever wait to deliver even you have completed early. Your hard work may be ruined. I share this with new sellers. By the way, I have lost my response rate from 100 to 93% and on-time delivery from 100 to 80 % .

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