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How to Write Proposals That Works?


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Many Freelancers fail at this first step and here is how you should write the proposal to avoid a rejection, especially in the case where you are a new freelancer with zero experience.

  1. Mention facts and figures about how you have been doing the same job at other places.
  2. Mention names of previous clients in case those were famous companies
  3. assure that unlimited revisions and 100% refund is guaranteed in the event of failure.

These facts and figures have to be in first two lines. make bullet points if you can not be so concise.

Main important thing to note is:
A proposal should be custom written for each employer and should focus on the value that you can offer to that specific employer.

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There is alos this plethora of information.

Hello Fiverr-ites, I see many sellers on the forum who are either: unsure about why they are not getting orders despite “regularly” sending buyer request offers, or unsure of how to write an excellent buyer request offer. Therefore, I thought I would compile a list of a few forum posts about this very topic so that this post could possibly serve as a repository of relevant information for sellers. Before I begin with the list though, I thought I’d point out a thing or two about the bu…
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