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Any improvement on gig postings?


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Now that we are entering a new period of online servicing (where everyone is now doing business online, and not just bargain-hunters), I am doing another once-over of my gigs.

My business has dipped slightly since Covid-related issue began, but my inquiries have stayed steady, although the tone of them has changed.

People are stringing me along a lot longer and don’t seem to know what they are asking for. There is a lot of “Let me know what you think!” in my messages. Umm… I think you need to tell me what the hell you need, or you need to price out your own damn script. I’m guessing these are people looking for me to haggle with them, and/or they weren’t going to buy in the first place because they have no idea what they actually want/need.

However, if anyone sees any holes or issues with my gigs as they stand now, please feel free to let me know. Empty feedback just for the sake of making noise, however, will be disregarded. Thanks.


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