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Seller issue


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I bought something last month from a vender, expected 4 days ago, I had an update on the day saying it had been delivered , with a note saying give me a few more days I am doing exams?, now the order has completed without product. I have tried to contact with no reply. First time using fiverr, and this is a poor experience. Can anyone help. I have been to the resolution centre , again no reply.

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Thanks Ang,

Really helpful post, I wrote to the vender, and asked what was happening? after 4 or 5 separate emails he replied

"no sorry these days i’m away from fiverr !!! will complete your order and deliver it to you soon !!"

He is still an active vender, I saw tonight and he is accepting money for his services. I Have tried the link you sent, but does not work on IPad, need a PC to complain it seems.

I work as a journalist, this is not the best publicity for my first and only purchase on this site.Shame really, great concept.

Thanks again

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Pulling a stunt like that is unacceptable. I’ve heard of this happening to others. As a seller myself, I would never mark and order complete that isn’t complete.

Fiverr recently released a feature called Vacation mode. Hopefully sellers will start using it when they know they won’t be able to deliver, I.E. while the seller is doing exams, the gigs will be off until he/she returns.

There really is no excuse for a seller to do that to you. I’ve had issue come up and asked for more time (i.e. family emergency when I have a 24 hour turn around time gig) but its not ok to mark or order complete that isn’t.

If I were you, I would contact Fiverr support, open a ticket and see what they can do to help you get your money back since nothing was actually delivered to you.

Good luck!

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