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The buyer is not responding


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Hello, I would really appreciate if you guys could help me come to a conclusion about what should I do next.

So I got an order to format interview on indesign and the payment was according to the number of hours i have worked on the project.
The order when smoothly and this is the 3rd time she has placed an order.
The order went like - she sends me a document, I format it and send it back to her. And when 3 hrs are completed, I deliver the work.

But now, during the 3rd order, she has stopped responding to me in between of the order. Out of the 3 hrs, 1 and half hour is completed and she didnot reply. The delivery time also got over. I opened a request that the buyer has to order more and the buyer had 4 days to respond and its the 3rd day and she has not yet responded me.

Please let me know what i should do?

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