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3 warnings 2 in one day


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Hey fiverr people,
Today i woke up to find my account had 2 strikes an hour apart from each other. I had a warning before so this made it my third and my account is now restricted and now under review.

The second was for copyright and the third for lack of communication with buyers, which both surprised me as all my work is 100% mine and any work i do use i get permission from the buyer original copyright holder.

And I always communicate with my buyers i have 98% response rate so this surprised me.

I know there is not much i can do now but i am wondering if anyone has had this warning before and if they were able to get there account back ? (attached)

And if anyone has had there account restricted were you able to get it back, i am just worried about losing it as its hard times with the current economy and this was my only source of income.

If anyone has had a similar experience or has any words to share i would appreciate it.



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I also got a warning today which is blatently false, I apparently “contacted buyers outside of fiverr” which is already a dumb rule but I never did anyways.
I contacted them and they did nothing, all you can do is hope I guess, sorry my dude, hope it gets better, I had a crappy day too, with a buyer trying to steal my work and cancel

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It’s disheartening to hear such stories.

I’ve learned in life that it is costly to put all your faith or financial well-being in one person/thing. Diversify whenever you can, because you never know when the rug is pulled from under your feet.

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