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Scam -borrow my account

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I’ve been contacted by different people, saying that they are from China…etc…etc, and they asked me if I have an upwork account and If I can let them use my account. I can give you the name of that platform and maybe you can get in touch with any of it’s moderators to block those people !

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Yeah, that’s a pretty common one. All you can to is report and block the account here on Fiverr.

There are plenty of other kinds of scammers that are less apparent, though:

They want to talk outside of fiverr not only is it against the rules and you have to run the risk of getting banned, any professional seller or company would not break the set TOS. It is a lot easier for scammers to get your personal info after they have your email, number, or social media account, and you put yourself in danger. You are a new seller It makes sense that scammers would prey on new sellers, as they are inexperienced, often desperate for sales, and don’t know how to differentia…
Hello Fiverr sellers. Although I sell voice work I think this topic is universal to us all. I’m starting to notice a trend of things that hoist up the old warning flag that something isn’t right with a buyer. What are some things that start raising red flags with you?
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