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Hello from Germany: radio drama production

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Dear community,

I joined FIVERR already some time ago but never introduced myself. I am 65, recently retired and for the very first time in my life can do what ever was of greatest importance to me: radio drama production! During the professional part of my life I worked as database administrator. My dream profession would have been “Toningenieur”. I am not quite sure whether or not “sound engineer” is the correct equivalent.

FIVERR will be of real interest to me as soon as offers regarding speakers, special sound effects, composition of soundtrack music, … come from Germany. I hope that my English is not to bad, but I am not an English native speaker. So I am not really sure whether my explanations can be understood correctly if this, what I have to explain, must be very detailed.

Many thanks for your attention.

Kind regards
Olaf Eggert, Germany, Freiburg

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