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Question about the "Live Portfolio" Gig Option


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Has anyone tried having their gigs not display the "Live Portfolio" Gig Option?

I was curious if this had any effect on:

  1. page ranking

  2. overall sales

Any thoughts/opinions?

The reason I ask is that I’m trying to limit any opportunity an unscrupulous Seller might have to capture my video and use my music track that would help them build their own very similar video and sell it as their own idea.

I’ve since added an “audio version of a watermark” so that 3 times during the demo you hear “Lee Johnson Video” with the music track during the playthrough of most of my gig videos. Eventually, all my gigs will include this. I suppose it’s an extra step like locking the doors to your car or home. I hate to do it but sheesh! It’s so frustrating to pay annual fees for a commercial license music account and then have someone just take it a week after you post your new holiday video.

(This has happened several times since Christmas Season 2018 and really picked up pace since Christmas Season 2019)

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