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Multiple Gigs...Blessing and a Curse?


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Hey Fiverr Folks!

I’ve been a voice talent here on Fiverr for a couple years now. I’ve seen changes on this platform for good and not-so-good. And that dang algorithm? We’ll never crack that code.

If you have multiple gigs, I’d like your take on this.

I have a specialty Santa Claus voice over gig which as you can imagine is crazy busy over the holiday season. In the past, I’ve been able to enjoy sales and high impressions/gig views/clicks from that as well as from my main gig simultaneously.

But this year was different.

I noticed that once my Santa impressions passed my main gig impressions, my main gig impressions dropped lower and lower, and tanked to the lowest I’ve ever seen them. At the same time my Santa impressions went through the roof. EVEN THOUGH MY MAIN GIG CONTINUED TO RECEIVE ORDERS THAT WHOLE TIME, IT DID NOTHING TO BOOST MY IMPRESSIONS AS LONG AS MY SANTA GIG HAD MORE. Sorry for caps, just wanted to emphasize.

This has never happened before. I suspect it’s because the Voice Over category is so crowded. Perhaps there was no room for both my gigs to receive high impressions.

I waited to post this to see what happened after the holiday season. Sure enough, now that there’s no demand and no orders for my Santa gig, my main gig impressions are going back up.

Thought this was interesting, and wondering if you’ve noticed anything similar with your gigs?

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