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Changes in Music & Audio!


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Hi everyone, Yoav here, I manage the Music & Audio vertical here at Fiverr.

As you might’ve noticed, we’ve made a few changes to the categories’ structure. The reason we’ve made these changes is because it became more difficult for our buyers to find what they’re looking for and it became a challenge for some specific services to be found. So here goes…

  • Session Musicians & Singers” is now called Session Musicians. And will not include singing/vocals services.

  • Singers-Songwriters” is now called Singers & Vocalists and will be dedicated to sellers who offer their singing/vocal skills as their core service.

  • Songwriters is a new category dedicated to sellers who offer songwriting (lyrical and melodic composition) as their core service. Please note, Gigs that are just about Lyrics writing belong to the “Creative Writing” category under the Writing & Translation vertical

  • Podcast & Spoken Word Editing was renamed to Dialogue Editing and the categories of Podcast and Audiobooks that were there, now have separate categories of their own: Podcast Editing, Audiobook Production

Please note, and this is important: As part of the changes (and this is important!) we’ve updated the pricing attributes in in all categories, so please check your Gigs to see where they are now and what has changed in their pricing attributes, updating the Gig will likely improve your Gig’s visibility.

If you have any questions, comment here and I’ll do my best to respond.


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