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Tips for illustrators and more


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I would like to help you improve the gig and get your first order.
I give these tips as an illustrator. They can also help others, but mostly illustrators.

The main thing in your speech is the image that you will publish. The customer will first look there. Since this is what you are trading. Therefore, do not put your bad work.

You are an illustrator. Therefore, it is worth pumping your style and skills. Refresh your image, show off your best work.

The customer sees that wonderful work will be transferred to your gig. There you need to write a professional description and set fair prices. Evaluating your work is easy. Look at other gig and their prices and find similar ones to your work.

An important step is dialogue. You must find a common language with your client and understand what he wants. The better you study the idea, the faster you will get around without corrections. This is an important step, so it is worth focusing.

If all this you know how to do, and then orders will come soon, you can only wait!

Thank you for watching!

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Thank you for watching!

That’s an odd thing to say at the end of a post we read. 🙃

To add on, as a buyer, an excellent quality I’ve found in the illustrators I frequent is the ability to say, “No.”

Never accept a project for which you don’t certainly know you can produce a high-quality product. I’ve had sellers accept projects then deliver something that’s nothing like their portfolio. Some say they needed more time, and others said they didn’t know how to do what I was asking. It’s okay to be a beginner and/or to not know how to do certain things, but it leaves a bad impression on buyers when you say one thing but do another.

Also, delivering a sketch at least once throughout the project to ensure you’re going in the right direction is a great thing to do if your delivery time allows it. I really appreciate it when the seller does that. I do my own version of it by sending over the first 500-750 words of a story I’m working on or the 1st chapter of the novel just to make sure everything is going as it should. It also leaves less need for revisions later.

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