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How many minimum amount can I withdraw from fiver to my local bank?


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Hey I am seller on fiverr I want to withdraw my earnings through local bank Is there anyone who can tell me how many minimum amount I can withdraw from fiver to local bank?
Some people are saying there is limit of 100$ of bank transfer is it right ??
But currently I have 42$ to withdraw from fiver and my bank transfer option is active?
And how many charges will take from fiver to local bank transfer?
Any one can guide me!!
Thanks in Advance!!!

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you can withraw the money you earn from first order wheater it would be 4$ or 1000$

talah qyum I know i can withdraw any amount I have taken withdrawn from my payoneer card one time but I want to know through local bank I know the procedure I only want to know about how much minimum amount I can withdraw from local bank?

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