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Is old profile better than new one?


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Hello there,

I signed up on fiverr as a seller and later on as a buyer. But after completing 20 orders & getting 14 reviews from my clients I think I got penalize due to my wrong communication which was against fiverr policy.

Then fiverr support team member reach out to me and warned me don’t do this next time. Right after that my analytics lowered to very few views, clicks and no orders. And then after sometime fiverr lowered my profile from level one seller to new seller.

So, my question is that should I still use my old profile or should I create new one?

Since 2016 I have been using this profile as a seller + buyer where I spend hundreds for buying services on fiverr so far. So, please suggest me a better option (new or old) because now I want to work seriously by following the fiverr’s guideline. Thanks for your time.

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