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Hello New Writer here!

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Hi there, I am PoetryandStory and I am new to Fiverr. Let me tell you a bit about myself:
I am 26 years old and have double citizenship(Serbian and Romanian) and I am part of a minority called Vlach. My real life profession is Basketball Coaching as I was a former professional basketball player who turned to coaching after being unable to deal with injuries.
I started writing poetry when I was around 13, and I have never stopped ever since with my site currently having more than 380+ poems ( Due to rebranding there are only 30 published but the rest will follow soon). I also have 3 erotica books and 2 poetry collection published around the web.
Other than basketball I was always interested in IT marketing and even worked for mytrendyphone for a while. I love the internet and I plan to become a digital nomad soon with English teaching, offering online courses and hopefully through my site’s revenue.

At this very moment, I am coaching in China and plan to move to Vietnam in 2-4 months.
Hopefully I will make it happen with fiverr as well, we will see how it goes!

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