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Include more languages in one's Profile!


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Hello there Fiverr! Thank you very much for an awesome website.

I hope you also listen to your customers, since that is the #1 key in a successful business! ^^,

What I would like to suggest is to include more languages to choose from when editing one’s profile.

For example, I am Swedish so I would like to include that “I CAN COMMUNICATE IN: English, Swedish”.

Other people might want to show that they can communicate in German, French, Hungarian (and so on).

It doesn’t take so much to add that to the

&-tags, I’m sure of itt! 😉

Take Care & Have An Awesome Day, Fiverr(s)! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.
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Hi and welcome!

Your bilingual capabilities are noticeably absent from your bio profile.

How about this?

"Hello I’m MaxTheMarketer. I’m a hard-working Internet Marketer with a passion for internet marketing, languages, psychology, science, sports, music. I can communicate and translate in Swedish and English.

How about a video of you welcoming folks in both languages?

Good luck! 🙂

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