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Hello, @digitalrjt,

Welcome the Forum. It is always nice to meet a new user. 🙂

However, do not call Forum members “dear” here or when you talk to a buyer. 😮

Using “Dear” in place of someone’s name/username is very colloquial and I thought this would help some sellers with their communication wink GOOD USES: “Dear seller”“Dear buyer”“Dear NAME” (example: Dear Bob)“Dear USERNAME” (example: Dear Bob1989)NOT GOOD: “Hi Dear”“Yes Dear”“No Dear”Using a person’s username or actual name is a better choice than simply calling them Dear (it’s much more appropriate), and it will help you build a relationship with clients.
Good morning fellow Fiverrians and Fiverrettes. I woke up a while ago, I logged in and realized I had a message. The message was one of those please-help-me messages so I had the usual “Oh here it comes again” reaction, but what reaaallly ruined my morning was that this person called me "dear." I get it. They are trying to be friendly. I do. 98% of the time when I get a message, people use “sir,” because they assume I’m a guy. I am aware that some people do not like this and I can understand…
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