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Being Patient is the Key


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I hope everyone is doing great.
I wanted to share something that I have observed on fiverr.
Including myslef, a lot of beginners on Fiverr tend to do a lot right from the word go and do all the different things that are required for a successful profile. Although all this is appreciable but being patient is the key I believe, after we create the profile and gigs and try to engage other people, we should not lose heart after a few days or even a few weeks, I have only had 2 buyer requests and 0 works offered let alone delivered but I am sure things will be quite different after a couple of months or even 4-5 months. Everything in life is relevant to time and we should just relax and let time do the work for you and when we do get some opportunity, make the best of it.
May we all be successful in this world and the one hereafter.
Stay Happy and Blessed

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