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Hello everyone at Fiverr!

My name is George Simister and having recently passed my English test, I have come up with a great idea which I think will help both buyers and sellers.

Upon passing my test I noticed a little green badge telling me I am in the top 10 percent of high scorers on the English test.

My suggestion would be to show each unique sellers accolade, such as my top 10 percent, on their active sales. Also, add the option for people to easily search and find others who fit these catagories and have great achievements.

I believe this will help people with a high skillset get work easier, and will allow buyers to be even more confident in who they choose to create what they need.

As an example, someone in the top 10% with English, who is offering work involving writing or speaking should have the option to “Include Accolade” when creating their product.

I believe if you are amongst the best at what you do, you should get to show that off and it will help you grow immensely.

Thanks for reading!
I look forward to feedback.

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