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Do you guys go to vacation? Share the tips!


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Hello Fiverrs!

At a certain point, a Fiverr seller loses motivation he previously had to put 128% effort and attention to the customer’s need. The high of seeing “you have got a new order” is all but gone. Not even the gig extras do the trick anymore. No more excitement even of seeing long time returning customers. Negative review? Whatever! Even if the seller needs or wants more money, not even the possibilities of raking in more money is a motivation. This seller is at or approaching a classical burnout. At this stage, the seller may start ‘burning bridges’ with the buyer without knowing or caring. Will do just enough to get the gig out of the system. The gigs are no more ‘fun’ they were. They are now ‘chores’. The buyers who were treated like ‘kings’, are now treated with indifference, at best. This burnout ‘creeps in’ slowly, sometimes without the seller knowing, noticing or caring. He wonders where his ‘mojo’ has gone? There is simply no ‘oomph factor’ anymore.

A seller needs a break to refill his desire to succeed.

I am on vacation right now, trying to recharge my batteries. I have suspended all of my gigs. I only deal with issues in the gigs that were in the pipeline to a point of no activities. I even resisted the temptation to activate a gig in order to receive the payments the buyers offer to bring to me as a ‘thank you’ or to get me out of vacation.

I know I might be at the back of the queue when I restart my gigs, but then I will be super-charged. My customers are going to enjoy it a lot! I know this because I have taken vacations before. In the end, taking vacation is a win-win-win situation between me as a seller, my buyers, and Fiverr too because everyone gets the best of experiences.

Do you guys go to vacation from Fiverr? What more tips do you want to share on vacationing?



[see it now for proof I am vacating!]

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If I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation from everything. I recently took 3 months off from everything to welcome my new wee one into the world and get into a routine with her. I did end up at the back of the queue but I’m back to something similar to before leaving now. It’s important to take a break from everything now and then to avoid burn out.

If you don’t care about the work that you are doing, that is a sign that you need to take a step away. It will help to avoid any issues that will stop you from getting work when you are back in the right frame of mind.

When I’m on vacation, I put a note in my profile so people know and an expected date of return. Last time I put a reason why in but don’t always as it will depend on the reason why I’m taking a break.

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